‘Rethorical Figures’ at Melbourne, North Fitzroy library, 2017.

‘Rethorical Figures’ at Melbourne, North Fitzroy library, 2017.



With a background in fine arts, graphic design and work experience at an international level, Mila’s installations and innovative designs create engaging experiences for indoor and outdoor displays. Her work encompasses festival installations, site-specifics, window displays, murals and commercial interior design.     

Mila started her career by creating site-specific installations using everyday life materials in unconventional ways. Her sculptural compositions explore the visual and physical human perception, challenging the audience expectations. The use of defined lines and forms to create colourful geometric compositions is a common denominator in Mila’s work. Her work attracts young children and adults alike, stimulating engagement with her work - an intention she fosters and thoroughly enjoys as a result.

Mila works in a wide range of projects and scales, exploring the boundaries between art and design, maintaining the strong belief that art belongs in public spaces.

She develops projects in Chile, Australia and Denmark, in collaboration with an international network of creative professionals.


Based in Santiago, Chile.